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Meeting at last(For David)

I jumped out of refelx and stared at him for a moment not sure what to say or do. My first insitinct was bolt. Given past experiances I knew better than to stick around, still he was here and I was tired of running.

"I am hiding, can't you tell."

Thing's were complicated enough and now my nerves stood on end. This was a new town and from watching him and his band I could tell they loved protecting their town, it was after all their turf not mine. Finishing my drink I set the glass aside and nodded to a table. Standing in the shadows seemed pointless now.

"I suppose there are more answers you want. Shall we sit and I'll answer what I can."

Inadvertantly my eyes traveled over the bar once more, I was new to this new way of life and so many things were still unclear.
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