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Introducing One's Self

As we stood contemplating one another, the urge to back up grew to intensity, still I remained rooted to the spot. I was not going to cower or back away just because this was the first I stood so close to another male outside my sire.

Raising my dark eyes to his face, I left mine be seen from the lights of the room around us, my first attempt at trying to be calm. I knew I was rude in my reply and decided that was the wrong approach.

Waving a waitress over, I asked for another drink. Not really knowing what else to say to him at the moment until I found out what he truely wanted to know. Finally curiousity got the better of me.

"Did you know I was here the entire time?"

The question was a harmless one but if he knew than other's would to and I wasn't ready to come face to face with other's just yet. I wanted to know what this particular male had in mind.
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