Sara (dissolved_star) wrote in thelostboysrp,

OOC/ OC Bio- Lily

Bio for my original character Lily


DOB: 1953

Vampire or human: vampire

Date turned: 1969

Eyes: dark brown, almost black

Hair: slightly wavy blonde hair with a few pink streaks in it

Height: shortish, 5'3"

Apperance: She likes wearing either tight leather hip hugging pants or denim mini skirts. she wears quite hippy-like lacey or crocheted tops. Prefers to walk bare footed. she has 2 piercings on each ear and a belly ring. Lily also has a tattoo on her lower back of a pair of celtic style angel wings

Weakness: tends to make haphazard decisions. Is more than often
intoxicated on LSD(well she is a hippy :D). Doesn't usually play well with other which sometimes make enemies

Strengths: normal vampire strenghts. also, because she had copious amounts of LSD in her blood when she was turned, it kinda became part of her DNA. so, her blood has kind of an hallucinogenic affect if someone else drinks it, causing them to go in to a trance like state. she uses it to disorientate her prey, but it also works on some vampires

Personailty: kooky, childish, hyperactive, hippy, flower child, loud, up for fun, head strong and can become withdrawn when given orders, empathic, dark at time, quite schizophrenic

Background/History: Lily was a run away when she was just 14 years old. She joined a group of hippy protesters and travelled with them. When she was 16 the took her to the woodstock concert. She was turned by a vampire named Braxton on the last night of the festival. Braxton was made a vampire by Max a few years before and was sent off to start his own colony for vamps. He took Lily under his wing. All was going well until their vamp colony was destroyed by vampire hunters and the only one that survived was Lily. Braxton had always told her that if something bad was to happen she was meant to go back to Santa Carla and join with Max or david, as they we're who he took his orders from . She is reluctant to go though, as although she has heard of them and vise versa, they have never met. But she relents seeing as she has no where else to go. so she's heading to santa carla...

on a side not, she has no clue of whats been going on in santa carla
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