Introducing One's Self

As we stood contemplating one another, the urge to back up grew to intensity, still I remained rooted to the spot. I was not going to cower or back away just because this was the first I stood so close to another male outside my sire.

Raising my dark eyes to his face, I left mine be seen from the lights of the room around us, my first attempt at trying to be calm. I knew I was rude in my reply and decided that was the wrong approach.

Waving a waitress over, I asked for another drink. Not really knowing what else to say to him at the moment until I found out what he truely wanted to know. Finally curiousity got the better of me.

"Did you know I was here the entire time?"

The question was a harmless one but if he knew than other's would to and I wasn't ready to come face to face with other's just yet. I wanted to know what this particular male had in mind.
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Meeting at last(For David)

I jumped out of refelx and stared at him for a moment not sure what to say or do. My first insitinct was bolt. Given past experiances I knew better than to stick around, still he was here and I was tired of running.

"I am hiding, can't you tell."

Thing's were complicated enough and now my nerves stood on end. This was a new town and from watching him and his band I could tell they loved protecting their town, it was after all their turf not mine. Finishing my drink I set the glass aside and nodded to a table. Standing in the shadows seemed pointless now.

"I suppose there are more answers you want. Shall we sit and I'll answer what I can."

Inadvertantly my eyes traveled over the bar once more, I was new to this new way of life and so many things were still unclear.
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Katrina's Bio




Age:looks to be 17, but looks are decieving.

Mortal or Vampire:Half Vampire.

Characteristics:Long, straight, black hair(hip length to be exact).
She is small in build, she has a tattoo going around one arm, and her
navel is pierced.

History:Katrina was taken in the early 1970's. She has been living
off her sire's blood. While in his possession he had his symbol
tattoo on her arm an old tribal band consisting on crisscrossed
dagger's and hearts. She has refused numerous times to give in to the
hunger simply because her sire was a cruel one. He would punish her
without emotion.

Escaping him, she fled from state to state, until she came to Santa
Carla. She has heard teh rumors of another vampire pack, yet stays to
the shadows, simply watching. Each night the hunger inside her grows
and each night she tries to fight it. She will have to feed soon she
knows but what will the pack think once they discover she is walking
their town..only time now will determine her fate.


This, of course, is an RPG for the Lost Boys. Will start where the movie left off, with the Boys alive and well.

To join, just send an e-mail my way (E-mail address in journal information), telling me who you want to be in the RP, and please include a small sample of your writing. If you're an original character, do the above, and send me some background information about your character as well (name, age, is your character a vampire, is your character apart of the Lost Boys and Girls, do they want to be, what attributes they have, what they look like, you know. The usual). Or you could create a journal for the RP, make a post out of all of that in your journal, and apply to join the community.

AIM is not required, but it may come in handy at times. Whatever works for you.

Taken characters:
Angela (original)