lostchylde27 (lostchylde27) wrote in thelostboysrp,

Katrina's Bio




Age:looks to be 17, but looks are decieving.

Mortal or Vampire:Half Vampire.

Characteristics:Long, straight, black hair(hip length to be exact).
She is small in build, she has a tattoo going around one arm, and her
navel is pierced.

History:Katrina was taken in the early 1970's. She has been living
off her sire's blood. While in his possession he had his symbol
tattoo on her arm an old tribal band consisting on crisscrossed
dagger's and hearts. She has refused numerous times to give in to the
hunger simply because her sire was a cruel one. He would punish her
without emotion.

Escaping him, she fled from state to state, until she came to Santa
Carla. She has heard teh rumors of another vampire pack, yet stays to
the shadows, simply watching. Each night the hunger inside her grows
and each night she tries to fight it. She will have to feed soon she
knows but what will the pack think once they discover she is walking
their town..only time now will determine her fate.
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