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How Far are You Willing to Go, Michael?

Very Far *snicker*

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This, of course, is an RPG for the Lost Boys. Will start where the movie left off, with the Boys alive and well.

To join, just send an e-mail my way (*motions* Address is up there), telling me who you want to be in the RP, and please include a small sample of your writing. If you're an original character, do the above, and send me some background information about your character as well (name, age, is your character a vampire, is your character apart of the Lost Boys and Girls, do they want to be, what attributes they have, what they look like, you know. The usual). Or you could create a journal for the RP, make a post out of all of that in your journal, and apply to join the community.

AIM is not required, but it may come in handy at times. Whatever works for you.

Taken characters:
Angela (original)
Lily (original)
Katrina (original)